Dr Tarkeshwar Jain

Dr Tarkeshwar Jain

Dr Tarkeshwar Jain

(International Advisors)

Dr Tarkeshwar Jain Dr. Tarkeshwar Jain received his BHMS and subsequently an MD(Hom.) in Materia Medica from Dr. M.P.K. Homœopathic Medical College in Jaipur, India. Dr. Jain stood first in all the examinations of BHMS and was awarded a gold medal for the same. He also scored the highest marks in his batch on the MD(Hom.) examination, with distinction in Materia Medica. Before studying homœopathy, he completed an MBA in Sales and Marketing Management from the prestigious Bharati Vidyapeeth University in Mumbai.

About Dr Tarkeshwar Jain

Dr. Jain is currently the Registrar and Managing Secretary of Homœopathy University, established in 2010 in Jaipur, and recognized globally in the field of homœopathic education and research. He is also the PhD Coordinator and is actively involved in research himself, having finished four research projects. Additionally, eight more research projects are in progress.

At Dr. M.P.K. Homœopathic Medical College, Hospital and Research Center, Dr. Jain is Head of the Materia Medica Department and has taught in that department since 2001.

From the beginning of his teaching career, Dr. Jain gained popularity among students for his wonderful skill at teaching homœopathic and other clinical subjects in an interactive and practical way. His teaching has inspired hundreds of students to study and comprehensively understand materia medica, and his excellent reputation has grown both in India and abroad, where he has been invited to deliver lectures and seminars. He has taught in Spain, South Africa, Belgium, USA, Thailand, Singapore, Holland, Argentina, and Brazil. He has also conducted individual seminars and post-graduate lectures in different parts of India, and has attended many national and international seminars in Germany, Malaysia, Belgium, Holland, Singapore, UK, Dubai, USA and India. His papers and articles have been published in many scientific journals, including Homœopathic Heritage, Homœopathic Links, The Chronicle Herald, and the Journal of Homœopathic University. Dr. Jain has also been appointed the International Adviser to Homœopathic Heritage, and is the Chief Editor of India’s 2nd peer-reviewed journal, The Journal of Homœopathy University.

Dr. Jain has also designed short-term certificate courses for homœopaths. Students from Holland, Spain, USA, and Ireland have benefitted from these courses, and many other students from various other countries are expected to attend this year. These courses consist of intensive training – in both inpatient and outpatient situations. Careful observation during case taking is followed by thorough discussion of the case, with the end result being discovery of the perfect similimum. Dr. Jain’s techniques of comprehensive analysis and evaluation of the case, which includes miasmatic diagnosis and similar remedy comparisons, leaves a lasting impression on his students. Many of them have been inspired to become homœopathic practitioners themselves under his tutelage. He also serves as product trainer for the German homœpathic company Dr. Reckeweg & Co, and he is the recipient of many national and international awards.

Dr. Jain’s immense interest in homœopathy inspired him to develop homœopathic software with a unique approach. His program, KENBO, is based on the Organon rather than a repertory, and his software uses the repertory only as a tool. KENBO inspires its users to develop the practice of thorough case taking, analytic understanding and evaluation, followed by utilization of clear miasmatic understanding. KENBO also guides its users through follow-ups based on Kent’s directions and philosophy. Dr. Jain’s KENBO is gaining in popularity among all homœopathic software users. KENBO was recently incorporated into the Synthesis repertory, and this new version will be released soon by Archibel.