Dr Torako Yui

Dr Torako Yui

Dr Torako Yui

(International Advisors)

Dr Torako Yui is the pioneer of homoeopathy in Japan. In 1996, she began introducing homoeopathy on a full scale, bringing its blessings to the people of Japan. Torako has travelled the world as a speaker at homeopathy conferences and congresses in India, USA, Dubai, Holland, Belgium, Germany, London as well as Japan. She even invited the famous French scientist, Jacques Benveniste of ‘Memory of Water’ fame, to give a lecture at the Japan Royal Academy of Homoeopathy in 1998! She says, ‘Dr. Benveniste should have received a Nobel Prize’.

About Dr Torako Yui

Dr. Torako Yui is a human dynamo! The work she has done in the past nearly twenty years is nothing short of miraculous. This woman is responsible for singlehandedly bringing homeopathy to Japan! From being virtually unknown in that country in early 2000, she has helped bring about 300 Nippon centres for homeopathy, with 600 practising homeopathic practitioners and 100 homeopaths for animals. It is estimated that at least 200,000 people in Japan are now using homeopathy, thanks to her efforts.

Torako was so impressed with her rapid cure, that she went on to study at the College of Practical Homeopathy and in 1995, became a member of the Homeopathic Medical Association, later being made an Honorary Fellow, along with other leading lights in homeopathy,

In 1997, Torako established the first homeopathic college in Japan, the Japan Royal Academy of Homoeopathy (RAH), which has since graduated 800 students. A year later she founded the first professional body in Japan, the Japanese Homeopathic Medical Association (JPHMA), which has registered approximately 600 homeopaths.

In 2010, Torako also opened the College of Holistic Homeopathy (Chhom), integrating homeopathy, organ therapy, flower therapy, tissue salts and including medical astrology, herbal and oriental medicine, as she was inspired by ‘Labyrinthus Medicorum Erratium’ by Paracelsus when she supervised the Japanese translation. Torako has created so many centres for people who love homeopathy, including the Nippon Homeopathy Center and Homeopathy Toranoko-kai in 1997.

Torako established her own ZEN method of prescribing by reading the Japanese translation of the original German version of Hahnemann’s Chronic Diseases as well as the 6th Organon, faithfully applying it to modern people with complex diseases living in modern times. She has written about 30 books which relate to homeopathy and translated and supervised around 100 homoeopathic books! The work she has done is simply phenomenal and as she says herself, she devoted herself to homeopathy 365 days a year for many years!

She has read many of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann’s books, including his Organon of Medicine, vol. 6; The Chronic Diseases; Materia Medica Pura; and Lesser Writings and, referring to his teachings over 10 years, she has been able to work with modern pathologies, including autism, with much success using her pioneering approach of Zen Homeopathy.

Dr. Yui launched Nippon TOYOUKE Natural Farming, which is aimed at providing safe and secure food and restoring the natural ecosystem in Japan. She has applied homoeopathic principles to cultivation using home produced, non-GMO seeds and using only natural means of growing, which is contributing to everyone’s healthy life.

However, up to the present time Torako has established a homoeopathic college, homeopathy centres for patients, the Japanese Homoeopathic Medical Association (JPHMA) with indemnity insurance for professional homoeopaths, Homoeopathy Toranoko-kai for people who love homeopathy, a company to produce homoeopathic remedies and a homoeopathic publisher!